Logbook excerpt, Chief of Security, anonymous Sitting Duck-class exploration spaceship

Mission Log 005. Soon after arrival at the scan location, a slime teleported onto the lower red deck. I immediately head down there to order the battlebots into action. However, I wasn't instructed clearly on how the 'bots worked, so as the mission progressed, I followed the spreading slime around the lower decks, frantically pressing the battlebot control buttons and watching them fail to do anything at all. Eventually, the slime spanned the entire bottom of the ship, and the entire crew was slipping in it, making it extremely difficult to combat both the enemy troops in our missile bay and the psionic satellite outside it. The troopers disabled our missile bay and teleported offship as the orb knocked us all unconscious.

However, our ship survived, and automatically jumped home. The cleanup crew found the entire crew in the lower decks, knocked out and covered in space slime. Having failed spectacularly in my duties as chief of security, I will be resigning immediately upon completing this log entry.

Space Alert is a pretty great board game.